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“Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free” Review

There are a lot of diet books out there, and with the rise of Kindle and Amazon self-publishing, the market is now positively flooded with diet books and it can be hard to find one that works. One book that has become popular of late is Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, & Free by Susan Peirce Thompson. The book was released in March 2017 and it has already gotten close to 1000 reviews on Amazon. In this review, we are going to look at the book and tell you whether it is worth your time.

Key Features of the Bright Line Eating Guide

• Written by Susan Peirce Thompson a Ph.D. and Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences in at the University of Rochester.
• Foreword by John Robbins, the famous dietician who wrote the 1987 book Diet for a New America.
• Available as paperback, hardcover, e-book, or audiobook.
• 320 pages long in print form.

Is Bright Line Eating Worth Reading?

What sets this book apart from other, generic diet books is that Dr. Thompson uses her background in neuro and cognitive sciences to craft a unique diet plan. She spends the first part of the book explaining how different foods and ingredients affect your brain. She explains how things like sugar, alcohol, and flour can really mess up a diet plan because of how those ingredients affect your state of mind and make you crave more food.

So, she crafts a diet plan that will not only make you lose weight but will actually help your brain suppress cravings for food. This is a very unique and effective approach to dieting and it definitely helps set Dr. Thompson’s book apart from the many other diet books available on the market.

In terms of writing quality, the book is not just a bland set of instructions. The book is well-written, includes plenty of helpful information, and has a very nice flow to it. Although it is over 300 pages long, you will zoom through this book in a couple of days; it is that interesting.

The biggest issue with Dr. Thompson’s diet is that it is extremely rigid. You can have absolutely no sugar, alcohol, or flour. Also, you need to be able to measure out meals using an exact scale. Most diet plans make allowances for things like cheat days, parties, holidays, special occasions, etc., because let’s be honest, most people are not going to give up alcohol and sugar for their entire lives. But, this plan does not allow for any cheating; which makes it pretty difficult to follow the diet plan.

Overall, this is a diet book with a difference. If you’ve never found yourself satisfied with traditional dieting boots then it could well be worth picking this one up.

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Paleohacks Cookbook Review

The production of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) has increased significantly over the decade and rarely do we find processed foods nowadays that aren’t loaded with preservatives and additives. These not only lack nutrition but they also harm our body in many ways making it susceptible to dangerous diseases. That’s why people all over the world are moving on to the Paleo diet that is based on what our body is designed to eat from prehistoric times. The problem is rarely do most of us are able to maintain the Paleo diet as it’s generally pretty bland and tasteless. The PaleoHacks Cookbook developed by the Paleohacks team (group of expert nutrionists) is a fully colored cookbook that contains over 125 recipes that not only makes you healthy, but also satisfies all of your cravings. Each step is explained in such detail that you can make these easy and juicy mouthwatering paleo meals even if you have no prior experience or talent in cooking.

How does the Paleohacks Cookbook work –

The Paleo recipes in this cookbook work by following two fundamental principles –

1- Put maximum nutrition INTO your body

You will only eat natural and organic food derived from the plant and animal world. Since these are untouched by modern manufacturing processes these will be loaded with nutrition .

2- Reduce or eliminate toxins and “interference”

Since we avoid eating processed or packaged food we also avoid eating hidden toxins contained in fruits and vegetable and commercial meat. This detoxifies and cleanses our body and helps our body grow instead of fighting off foreign substances in our body.

The recipe categories in the PaleoHacks recipe book includes –


Meat including fish and chicken





Aside from these special categories include –

Recipes for the 21st Century Hunter & Gatherer


Capsicum Sandwiches

Noodle Recipes

Paleo Eating for Modern People

Paleo Breakfast Recipes


These are 100% in accordance with Paleo Principles, but are extremely delicious and easy to make.

What you get with the complete PaleoHacks Cookbook Package –

The PaleoHacks Cookbook

This is the main cookbook guide which is a fully colored detailed Paleo cookbook that contains 125 easy to make and savory recipes that you can use to cook a variety of three course meals and more.

You also get the following bonuses –

1- The PaleoHacks 30-Day Jumpstart

This guide teaches you the fastest way to achieve permanent and positive change in your health. It will improve your energy levels, sex drive, and overall happiness.

2- The Paleo Foods and Paleo Fails

In this guide you will learn a complete list of healthy and delicious foods that you can use to make hundreds of meal combinations. You also get a Paleo Shopping List.

3- Eating Paleo at Restaurants

This guide teaches you how to order and eat foods at restaurant without any issues and also includes a list of foods to avoid.

4- The Paleo 4x Cookbook

This guide contains 65 easy and quick paleo recipes that you can cook anytime using only 4 ingredients .

5- One-Month Paleo Meal Plan

This guide outlines your entire meal plan for the month with over 125 recipes from the PaleoHacks cookbook.

Conclusion –

If you want to be on a Paleo diet that contains hundreds of tasty and easy food recipes and maintain it for life then the PaleoHacks Cookbook is the guide for you. For the price this is an absolute value for money and you can give this product a risk free try.

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The Fat Diminisher System Review – Shred the Fat Away

Now we are going to be reviewing the Fat Diminisher System. With this kind of aggressive name the Fat Diminisher looks bright in its ability to allow you to melt away fat. The Fat diminisher also number one on the marketplace now which additional increase its credibility and intrigue. Developed by skilled fitness trainer Wesley virgin this system shows individuals the best way to control weight.

We are going to cover

The buying procedure, by what means the Fat Diminisher System is designed, the User allow you to understand what stands out and experience. Before reporting them, we review and truly purchase the merchandise in depth Click the buttons on either side and the official fat diminisher web site look at.

Let us get started. Buying procedure. The fat diminisher system is very easy to buy, it is possible to pay using a credit card or PayPal account, all payments are completed through So that you do not need to worry about security, Clickbank secure payment processors When your payment is completed by you immediately get your receipt, from here you will have to determine if you Need a refund.

Additionally, you will get an email that lets you access to all of the content related to the Fat Diminisher System. This system includes a lot Of content so be sure you mark so you are able to immediately locate them, those e-mails and access this program.

Merchandise design – the Fat Diminisher System is mainly a Mix of video and PDF docs files. The PDF files are chock full of advice that is powerful, that is simple to read, you will not need to worry about learning new terminology, the PDF docs describe the mandatory info in a straightforward easy to comprehend manner. The video files are rather interactive and put in an individual touch to the system. The author speaks in a way that will help you’re feeling comfortable and to you. While you learn from your videos, not overwhelmed by information, you’ll be able to relax and laugh Workout demonstration videos and the food are fantastic tools to help you follow along side and ensure you’re doing everything correctly. Video files and every one of the PDF are simple to obtain. They can be viewed by you in your Internet browser or save them for your pc for offline and convenience Screening. All videos offer lesser quality mode or 720p HD for quicker streaming speeds. All of the content is nicely structured and an easy task to get. User Experience. All in all, the advice in this system can undoubtedly help you make an alteration in your life. In the event you have been experiencing finding an actual system with actual info, then this system would have been a fine change of pace for you. The key Fat Diminisher system gives a top amount of nourishment Tips that’ll help the body get ready to slim down. The writer spent a Bunch of time as it is an integral variable to slimming down, focusing on the nourishment. In the event that you just follow the advice about food all given you are certain to see Progress. The writer causes it to be simple with recipe suggestions and indepth Explanations of every food of the advantages. One gripe relating to this software is Having less pictures in the PDF docs as said before there is lots of Advice in the program, there are a few pictures contained but they are not the quality you’d anticipate to capture your attention. In the event that you’ve got problem reading PDFs jam packed with tips this could be an issue for you personally. One great part in regards to the user experience Diminisher application that is fat is the interactive members area. The members Region is divided into girls and men it is possible to share your experiences This can be perfect for motivation and keeping yourself as you go along Participated together with the plan the fat diminisher even offers a newsgroup at which you can ask inquiries and get assistance from an extensive array of men and women. You will find a way to Socialize with individuals in any way periods of this program, this really is an attribute that is great that Virtually replaces the camaraderie which you would typically get from going to a public fitness center. What stands out? Among the largest things that stands out around This system is the originators of the software, the VIP training software Wesley Virgin, is ready to remember to assist you directly reach your aims This really is a hands on personal approach that we’ve not seen in many Other goods, you will have the ability to get out custom work strategies nourishment guidance Together with support that is inspirational, this correctly gives to why the plan is now number one on the marketplace The Fat Diminisher System e also comes with a few extra incentives that are Really invaluable. The foremost is a guidebook on how best to naturally turn Lots of people that are heavy encounter pressure on their, arthritis Joints which could mimic the indications of arthritis, the fat diminisher system t Enough to add a complimentary guide on what steps to take to to treat the human body from this Pressure. You will learn Essential lifestyle changes, exercises and foods to prevent, the fat diminisher Software additionally has a DVD exercise plan tailored to aiding you to melt fat a Health Care Provider of Physical Therapy along with a kinesiologist collaborated to create this workout routine. They used their expertise to tailor this application For you personally to find effects to target vital areas in the body. All these are simple exercises which can be finished in a quick period of time, with a large reward. Overall it is a great plan worth attempting. the one on one training part enables you to instantly get your own money’s Value Whatever you have to do is watch the fat melt away and adhere to the food ideas Click Here For the Best Deal On The Fat Diminisher System

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