The 2 Week Diet

Find the Goddess Within with the Venus Factor

Every woman wants to look like a goddess and the truth is, she has it in her to do just that! Why then do so many women feel let down whenever they look at themselves in the mirror? Why don’t they like what they see? Well, there are several factors to that but 2 of the major ones is her wrong concept of beauty and the lack of will to go and work for the Venus body that she wants.

Look at it this way, when women think of the famous goddess of love, they see her as the ultra-curvy woman with tiny waist and shapely hips. She turns on the TV and finds the stick thin women who are thought by many to be “sexy”. So what is wrong with women’s concept of beauty these days? The big problem is she always compares herself to a Venus De Milo or an Angelina Jolie when the truth is all women are beautiful in different ways.

You can work out every day and deny yourself all the sweets and still not get the body of most actresses today. The reason for that is that there is no single body structure for women. Why fight your own structure and try to achieve another woman’s body when you can enhance what is beautiful in your own body type? The Venus Factor recognizes that women are created differently from one another and that is why it comes with a Venus Index so you would know the kind of goddess that you are, work for your ideal shape and eventually flaunt that body with confidence. The Venus Factor can help you do just that.
The Venus Factor is a holistic approach exclusively for women so she can achieve the body that is perfect for her structure. It is not just an exercise program. It comes with a diet guide, manual and a workout schedule to follow so you can look and feel like a goddess.

The good thing about the Venus Factor is that the diet plan exists not so you will starve but so you would know the right about of calories you need in order to function well throughout the day – no more no less. Active women need more calories than those who sit in an office chair the whole day. The Venus Factor takes all that into consideration.

The workout guide is meant to help you tone your muscles and lose the excess fat. By no means will it bulk you up. It is a 12 week exercise program that is circuit in nature so you hit several muscle groups with one exercise and so your body will not plateau as it gets used to the kinds of exercise that you are doing.

Just a word of warning though – The Venus Factor works great but only if you are dedicated enough to stick to the diet plan and do the exercises regularly. It is not for the lazy but it works wonders for the determined Venuses out there.

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