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Top Tips for Losing Weight Without Depriving Yourself

Your weight loss journey can be frustrating.

Your emotional and physical states are closely linked, so when your body goes through the turmoil of trying to lose weight, your emotions can pay the price. The last thing you want to do is make your state of mind worse by depriving yourself of your favorite foods and activities because you think this will accelerate your fat and weight loss.

Achieving weight loss doesn’t have to mean nothing but sacrifice, and giving up the things you love. Actually, when you continually push away those things that lead to sensory and emotional deprivation, you can wreck your weight loss efforts.

Ready to get started losing weight the physically and emotionally healthy way? Great!

The first tip you need to learn is…

Don’t Impose an All-or-Nothing Deadline

Deadlines are great. They keep us focused and on track to reaching our goals. In your weight loss journey, you should definitely be setting a deadline, or several, for losing ‘X’ amount of weight.

However, that deadline should be flexible.

If you reach a certain date or number of days and you haven’t lost the weight you had hoped to, don’t beat yourself up. If you do, this might make you so frustrated that you give up on your efforts altogether. Be flexible, adjust your diet and exercise plans accordingly, be proud of any weight you have lost, and set new goals and time-lines.

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