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A love of cooking and baking often goes hand in hand with a creative streak. It’s certainly what drew me to cooking in the first place! And I find I need to feed my creativity beyond the kitchen, so I make sure I carve out time for drawing, painting, and lettering.
If this is you, too, or if you have an artistic friend or relative to shop for, I have put together a round-up of the tools and books and classes that keep me inspired and joyful year-round.
So here’s my selection…

Best Gifs for Creatives
Start Where You Are

An uplifting journal for self-exploration that encourages mindfulness and creativity, gorgeously (gorgeously!) illustrated by Meera Lee Patel. Got one for myself, and one for each of my “mastermind sisters”.
It’s Different Every Day

I got myself this whimsical page-a-day desktop calendar for 2018 to keep me smiling with offbeat cartoons and quizzes and fun activities. As soon as I received it, I ordered more to give to friends!
Year of the Doodle

This is one I got for myself as well. The pages have a collage look, and there’s a dedicated section for each and every day with an “idea spark” that invites you to draw or collage something on there.
Daily Greatness Journal

This is a beautiful journal that’s designed to get you through the year consciously creating your days and your experience. Every day/week/trimester you get prompts to help you reflect on your intentions, your plans, and what you learn, and the journal offers an overarching structure to pursue your goals for the year in 90-day periods. I’m super excited to get started with mine!
If you’re interested to give it a try, I have a code that will give you 5% off your purchase: use this link for Europe and this link for North America.
20 Ways to Draw Everything

From amazing illustrators Lisa Congdon,‎ Julia Kuo,‎ and Eloise Renouf comes this lovable sketchbook. Each double-page gives examples of the many ways one can draw a certain plant, animal, or everyday object, with lots of room to copy or riff or invent your own.
My Favorite Dotted Notebook

I could not live without these Leuchtturm dotted notebooks; they bring me so much joy. I have one with me at all times and use it to journal, to bullet journal, to think and strategize… The dotted lines are perfect for structure and freedom, the quality of the paper is just right, and there are many colors to choose from — I pick a different one every time.
Fineline Markers

I only write with these markers, which I buy in sets of 10 in black. I also have this vibrant color set for doodling and bullet journaling and hand-lettering.
Do One Thing Every Day That Inspires You

I’ve been using this one throughout this past year. It has 365 activities and prompts to get your creative juices flowing. You can pick a random page and do whatever you’re asked to do, or look for something that calls your name that day.
Watercolor Pocket Set

I am loving this portable watercolor set from renowned brand Winsor

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